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A Sea View | In the Ink Dark - Simone Kenyon
A Ramble | In the Ink Dark - Robbie Synge
F/our Feet | In the Ink Dark - Claire Cunningham
An Oak Tree | In the Ink Dark - David Harradine
Out of Touch | In the Ink Dark - Lucy Cash
I am Running | In the Ink Dark - Lucy Gaizely
Remembering - a conversation - a friendship | In the Ink Dark - Jassy Earl & Chlöe Smith

Podcast 1 - Simone Kenyon, A Sea View

Podcast 2 - Robbie Synge, A Ramble

Podcast 3 - Claire Cunningham, F/our Feet

Podcast 4 - David Harradine, An Oak Tree

Podcast 5 - Lucy Cash, Out of Touch

Podcast 6 - Lucy Gaizely, I am Running

Podcast 7 - Jassy Earl & Chlöe Smith, Remembering

d'tús maith | In the Ink Dark - Nic Green & Ruairí Donovan

Podcast 8 - Nic Green & Ruairí Donovan, d'tús maith

*Special thanks to Seán Ó'Dálaigh who made the Atlantic field recording in this podcast 

You can download or make a playlist of the podcasts by visiting our soundcloud page here.

Some words to wander with are a series of podcasts that accompany In the Ink Dark


5 were created in 2017 and another have been made for release from May 2019 

Invited voices, artists whose works are both poetic and choreographic, offer a collection of musings that speak to words and to dances, bodies and buildings, science and nature, to thought and to feeling, offering different perspectives on the themes that run as threads through this project of memory, materiality, landscape and loss.

Some words
to wander

They are wisdoms for living, some words to wander with in the city,

where you live, at work, at rest, at home, away.

*Some podcasts contain occasional strong language

in the



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