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Performed by an eclectic group of dance and performance artists with an original music composition, In the Ink Dark collects and explores different people's experiences of loss and landscape, memory and materiality through dance, design and poetry. The first iteration of In the Ink Dark was made in Summer 2017 for Leith and Edinburgh opening at Leith Theatre and going on to libraries throughout the city, culminating with a performance for midsummer at Scottish Poetry Library.

Re-iterations of In the Ink Dark are being made for Glasgow and Dundee as part of Take Me Somewhere and Luminate festivals in May 2019.

Luke draws upon his own and others stories to make objects, dances and installations that can only exist because of different people coming together to listen and to share. This project invites people from all walks of life to talk, to share, reflect and celebrate something they have loved and lost. In the Ink Dark is an immersive project with different moments and modes of participation, an accumulative poem and choreography - for live and virtual space - that can only be made by the many people it meets with.


platform, Easterhouse


Friday 24 May 5.30pm

sunday 26 May 3.00pm

dundee rep rehearsal room

monday 27 may 7.00pm


dundee Central Library

wednesday 29 may 6.30pm

thursday 30 may 6.30pm

All performances at Platform will have a BSL interpreter available if you are a BSL user, as will 27 and 29 May in Dundee

All venues are accessible to wheelchair users.

Tickets can be booked through the venue links above

(hover over each venue for link).

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