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In the Ink Dark is an on-going project made of four parts: conversations, podcasts, performances and a collection. You can meet with each part individually or you can experience each in relationship to the other. Following the last performance of In the Ink Dark, Edinburgh at Scottish Poetry Library in midsummer 2017 we created a collection of words and images that traced some parts from the first iteration. A Limited Edition run of 150 print copies were distributed to Leith Library, McDonald Road Library, The Botanic Cottage, Central Library and Scottish Poetry Library for people who encountered or were interested in the work to take home for free.  

For Midsummer 2108 to celebrate a year of the work being in the world we have published a digital version of the In the Ink Dark collection here. First of all the poem made by Luke from the handfuls of words folks shared about things they have loved and lost along with a digital book that traces parts of the project, process and the dance made to honour the memories of the many we spoke with featuring contributions from visual artist Brian Hartley, co-designers Ben Whyman and Shanti Freed, composer Scott Twynholm and guest writer poet JL Williams as well as some more rememberings from people who encountered the project in its’ first iteration.

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