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Maker and curator |

Luke Pell


Performing Artists |

Kitty Fedorec, Robert Hesp, Alex McCabe,

Katie Miller, Janice Parker, Carolina Ravaioli,

Jak Soroka, Richard White


Co-Designers |

Shanti Freed and Ben Whyman


Composer |

Scott Twynholm

Additional Musicians |  

Daniel Meszoly, Kate Miguda, 

Elaine Koene, Iain Mchugh


Print & Digital Design | 

Valerie Reid, Five Storey


Visual Artist |            

Brian Hartley


Guest WRITER for programme and collection poet | JL Williams 


 Podcasts |

Lucy Cash, Claire Cunningham, David Harradine, 

Simone Kenyon, Robbie Synge


 Project Producer |            

Claricia Kruithof


 Consultant Producer |       

Vicky Rutherford O'Leary


 communications |                

Alexandra forrest


 PR |                                      

Owen O'Leary, Oh Really Creative


 BSL Interpreter |             

Rachel AmEy


 Audio Description |             

EJ McHenry


 Production Consultant |    

Nia Wood


 technical Manager |           

Nik Paget-Tomlinson


This project is funded by Creative Scotland and The City of Edinburgh Council.


Thank you to the hosts and supporting partners and people at: The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh Libraries, LeithLate, Leith Theatre, Scottish Poetry Library, Dance Base and Janice Parker Projects.  This work has also been made possible with support from METAL Peterborough, Fuel Theatre, Cove Park, Jerwood, Sharing Little Sparta Trust.


Special thanks to all of the collaborators and to N.C., Morvern Cunningham, Caroline Bowditch, Clare English, Roanne Dods, Ruairi Donovan, Michael Dylan, Shirin Guild, David Harradine, Wendy Houstoun, Sam Jones, Siriol Joyner, Ruth Little, Catherine Long, Alice McGrath, Kate Marsh, Heather Marshall, Garry Mullen, Robert Softley Gale, Jack Webb and Jennifer Williams.

Luke Pell is a Dance

Base Associate Artist

in the



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